Your First Visit

Before your appointment: Please pay the deposit using Paypal, Venmo or Zelle; I’ll provide the details for these payment methods via email. Once that’s complete, I will confirm our agreed appointment time. Please complete and submit the forms below at least 3 days prior to your visit.

What to bring: Please know or bring a list of your prescription medications with dosages. If you have important medical or mental health records from other providers, bring those too. Bring a credit card for payment, which I’ll keep on file for future visits using encryption. Alternatively, make sure your smartphone has either PayPal, Venmo or Zelle enabled, so you can make a contactless payment at your visit. Cash and checks are not accepted.

What to expect: Your first visit will take place in my comfortable, private, living-room-like office.  *COVID update:  all appointments are conducted via telemedicine now, either video or telephone.

telemedicine, telehealth, female psychiatrist, counseling for women, Kirkland, Seattle, Eastside
Dr. Bibeault, psychiatrist for women, Seattle, Kirkland, Eastside

If you’re seeing me for perinatal or pre-conception consultation, your partner or spouse is welcome to accompany you. For all other appointments, it’s best if we meet 1:1 for the majority of the appointment.  Your spouse or partner can join us toward the end of the visit if you’d find that useful.  

On your first visit, we’ll spend 60 minutes discussing your symptoms, mental health background, medical history and your goals for treatment.  We’ll discuss other aspects of your life that help me understand you as a whole person. I’ll give you my initial impression about your condition and present the risks and benefits of various treatment options. Then together we’ll decide on a plan that provides the best chance for relief and works for your particular set of needs. Our plan might include medications, psychotherapy, lifestyle changes, skill-building exercises, self-education, or other interventions.  

Before we finish, I’ll answer any questions you or your loved one have, and we’ll schedule any necessary follow-up appointments.  


There are three ways to submit these forms. If you have Adobe Acrobat Reader installed, selecting each form opens it in a new tab. Click download to view the form in Adobe Reader, complete it, then hit submit to email it directly to me. I recommend saving a copy of each completed Adobe form in case there’s any submission glitch. If you don’t want to use Adobe Reader, you can simply download each form, fill it out digitally with a PDF viewer, save it to your computer, then email it to me.  A low-tech option is to print off each form, complete it by hand, scan it, and then email it to me.  The forms must be scanned/sent as PDFs; I can’t accept photos or other image files.
Dr Renee Bibeault offers psychiatry and mental health counseling telehealth and in-person appointments in Seattle's Eastside neighborhood of Kirkland, WA.
Dr. Bibeault, psychiatrist for women, Seattle, Kirkland, Eastside

Please complete the first 8 of these forms and return them to me at least 3 days before your visit:

Health History Questionnaire

Treatment Policies & Care Agreement

Patient Financial Agreement

Symptom Self-Rating Scale

Anxiety Self-Rating Scale

Consent for Telemedicine

Consent for In-office Care during COVID

Receipt of Privacy Practices

Notice of Privacy Practices

Consent To Release Information

Request an Appointment


Wonderful psychiatrist, highly recommended. I went to see Renee for help with a sleep related disorder. Believe me, finding a Psychiatrist who also does talk therapy is incredibly rare these days. I work with many therapists she is a gem. She spent the time with me to learn about what was going on in my life, and my own thoughts about what was driving my sleep issues. And the prescription I got was absolutely perfect for my situation. I was also able to make good use of her email consultation services – when I had questions about side effects or dosage changes. All in all I would highly recommend her to any women who need to see a Psychiatrist either for medication, therapy, or both. I have recommended her to friends who are also extremely pleased.

– Enhancing the emotional well-being of women throughout the life cycle –