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Welcome to Psychiatry for Women

Psychiatry for Women is a specialty psychiatric practice devoted exclusively to the mental health needs of women. I offer skilled and compassionate psychiatric care, psychotherapy and coaching to women aged 20 to 70. 

Psychiatry for Women was founded in 2001 on the belief that every woman deserves and — with caring help — can achieve not just health and happiness, but freedom.

– freedom from symptoms of anxiety and depression

– freedom from outdated, male-centric models of providing medical care to women and understanding the female experience

– freedom from the internal blind spots and fear-based patterns that get in the way of a joyful, harmonious life

– freedom to know, accept and love who you really are, and stop struggling to fit others’ ideas and expectations of you

– freedom to discover and reach your incredible potential

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Other Core values

Collaboration: We are partners in your recovery process. Your view of your illness or struggles and your preferences for treatment are important to me. When patients take responsibility for their part in treatment, great things happen. The more engaged, open, motivated and curious you are, the more likely you are to feel better, and to enjoy sustained wellness.

Personalized Service and Access:  I practice in a way that honors some of the historic ideals of “slow” medicine, where doctors took time and care, and understood the value of a personal relationship. Because I don’t contract with insurers, I’m accountable only to you and to my own high standards, not a third party.  I treat fewer patients overall so that I have more time for you. That means I spend more time listening, which leads to better treatment outcomes. I respond to you promptly between visits. When you contact my office, you reach me, not an assistant or phone tree. I have the flexibility to offer longer appointment times, schedule urgent visits within a day or two, and to make house calls when needed.

My Approach

My work is based firmly in an evidence-based medical model, and informed by psychodynamic theory, attachment theory and mindfulness. As a former primary care doctor, I care about treating you as a whole woman, and helping you feel well and achieve goals in every aspect of your life. Our work might explore lifestyle, diet, intimacy, identity, and self-care. I prescribe medication when appropriate, but I see medication as just one tool in a big toolbox.  

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Why see a women’s mental health specialist? 

I offer specialized mental health care to women because we’re different. If the kidney and the eye deserve their own medical specialties, so do you. Our bodies, hormones, brain structure and function, our life experiences and cultural roles differ in major ways from those of men. More than 20 years of clinical practice has taught me that a “one size fits all” approach to treatment doesn’t work. Women have better outcomes when they’re treated by experts who understand the unique aspects of being female and how those realities impact mental health.

Shared experience also matters. Like you, I have been a daughter, sister, and partner. I also know firsthand what it’s like to go through pregnancy, childbirth, the strains and joys of motherhood, and the challenges of the menstrual cycle. As a busy professional, I know too well the difficulty in saying “no” without guilt and setting healthy limits.  I have also been on your side of the room, as a patient seeing a therapist, trying to navigate life.


- Enhancing the emotional well-being of women throughout the life cycle -