What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is also known as counseling or talk therapy, or sometimes just therapy.Psychotherapy is a medical treatment that can heal emotional distress, relieve psychiatric symptoms, and help people function better in their daily lives. Over weeks, months, or longer, scheduled conversations with a qualified therapist allow a patient to gain self-awareness that leads to positive change and personal growth, so that she can ultimately lead her most peaceful, successful and gratifying life.

The quality of the relationship between patient and therapist is very important; without a safe, respectful and compassionate connection, psychotherapy can't be effective. Dr. Bibeault is happy to assist you in finding the right therapist, whether it's herself or someone else.

Here are just a handful of the common life challenges that Dr. Bibeault treats in individual psychotherapy (there are many, many more - consult with the doctor if you have questions about whether her expertise is a good fit for your particular struggles):

  • Lack of communication skills or assertiveness; difficulty valuing or asking for what you need.

  • Relationship problems, loneliness, feelings of isolation, and the challenge of finding a community to belong to.

  • Confused feelings about sexuality, or difficulty being emotionally and physically intimate.

  • Self-awareness and self-acceptance; becoming comfortable in your own skin and having an honest, compassionate view of who and what you really are.

  • Coping with chronic shame and self-doubt.

  • Adjustment to the emotional experiences of motherhood; the burdens of comparing yourself to other mothers; understanding the ambivalent and conflicting feelings you have toward your child

  • Becoming an effective parent and forming healthy relationships with your children; balancing your children's needs with your own; learning how to raise resilient, confident and compassionate kids.

  • Coping with recent or chronic grief and loss; reducing the impact of painful experiences from your childhood, finding purpose and joy in your life again.

  • Deciding whether to have children.

  • Overcoming feelings of being stuck and lost; learning alternatives to feeling helpless and powerless in the face of life's challenges

Enhancing the emotional well-being of women throughout the life cycle