Fees & Payment

Dr. Bibeault is an out-of-network provider with all insurance companies. Payment in full is required at each appointment. Our office provides you with the documentation you need to request reimbursement from your insurer for any out-of-network benefits you have.

Other Payment Methods
Dr. Bibeault accepts cash, checks, PayPal, HSA cards and major credit cards.

Fees are indicated below. Please note that due to the complicated nature of medical billing and coding, not all charges can be anticipated or described precisely in advance of the appointment. The following figures are reliable estimates.

Initial appointment/evaluation $375 (60 minutes)
Subsequent evaluation visits, if needed $225 (45 minutes)
Consultation or second opinion $375 (60 minutes)
Brief medication management $225 (15-20 minutes)
Extended medication management $275 (25-45 minutes)
Psychotherapy $225 (45-55 minutes)
Psychotherapy combined with medication management $225 - 275 (45-55 minutes)
Email consult $65
Extended (over 5 minutes) phone contact $4 per minute
House calls $275
Document preparation for a third party (attorney, employer, etc.) Varies
Medical records handling/copying $25 plus current per-page rate determined by state law
Fee for NSF (bounced) check $35
Between-visit prescription refill $35
Appointment Missed or Canceled without 48 hours notice Full appointment fee

Making an Online Payment

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