Welcome to Psychiatry for Women

To request an appointment, please email Dr. Bibeault at dr@psychiatryforwomen.com.

Welcome to the Northwest's only psychiatric clinic devoted exclusively to women.

Psychiatry for Women was founded by Dr. Renee Bibeault, a Seattle area psychiatrist whose professional passion is meeting the comprehensive mental health care needs of women. Her exclusive focus on women's emotional and psychiatric disorders has allowed her to achieve mastery and expertise in the field of women's mental health. This means that Dr. Bibeault maintains in-depth knowledge of the complex medical and psychological issues affecting women today, and stays current with the rapidly evolving landscape of reproductive psychiatry - the study and treatment of psychiatric disorders related to the female cycle, pregnancy and the postpartum period.

Dr. Bibeault's approach to patient care is to understand a woman's emotional struggles in the context of her unique life history, her hormonal influences, her genetics and biology, her caregiver and other roles, and the impact of contemporary culture.

As a patient of Dr. Bibeault, you will receive highly individualized, expert, and compassionate care in a safe, confidential environment. It is her belief that every woman deserves a warm, respectful partnership with her physician, an informed and collaborative role in the treatment process, and relief from suffering.

In addition, you'll enjoy email access to your doctor, convenient scheduling via email and through calendar clients such as Outlook and Google calendar, a highly accessible clinic location immediately off I-405, and a private and tranquil waiting area with hospitality service.

Services offered:
Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation
Second-opinion consultation
Ongoing medication management of most psychiatric disorders
Pre-conception counseling (for women with emotional disorders contemplating pregnancy)
Expert consultation regarding medication use during pregnancy and breastfeeding
Specialized treatment of postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety
Short-term, solution-focused psychotherapy
In-home or office-based assessment of parent-child issues
Psychotherapy and skills training for parenting challenges

Please refer to this list of psychiatric services that are not provided by Dr. Bibeault.

Enhancing the emotional well-being of women throughout the life cycle